When deciding on a name for our property we toiled over many different ideas, all of which were stooped in nautical and Cornish history, but none stood out quite like Godrevy Lodge. We decided to name our property after one of St Ives most iconic landmarks: The Godrevy Lighthouse.


The Lighthouse was built in 1858–1859 on Godrevy Island in St Ives BayCornwall. Standing approximately 300 meters (980 ft) off Godrevy Head,


Godrevy Lighthouse marks the Stones reef, which has been a hazard to shipping for many centuries. The Stones reef had claimed many ships and prompted calls for a lighthouse to be built, but nothing came of plans until the wreck of the iron screw steamer SS Nile during a storm on 30 November 1854. All of her passengers and crew, numbering about 40 people in total, were lost.


The Lighthouse is a white octagonal tower, 86 feet (26 m) high and made of rubble stone, bedded in mortar. It is situated almost in the center of the island and was originally provided with cottages for the keepers. The first light was a revolving white one which flashed every ten seconds, with a fixed red light below the main light, which could be seen over a 45-degree arc of danger from the reef.


Given the Lighthouses deep-rooted maritime history, exceptional quality of build and its importance to the local community, we wanted to honor its importance and so proudly named our property The Godrevy Lodge.