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When choosing a name for our property, we meticulously considered a myriad of ideas steeped in nautical and Cornish history. However, none shone as brightly as Godrevy Lodge—a name inspired by one of St Ives' most iconic landmarks: the Godrevy Lighthouse.

Constructed between 1858 and 1859, the Godrevy Lighthouse proudly stands on Godrevy Island in St Ives Bay, Cornwall, approximately 300 meters (980 ft) from Godrevy Head. This majestic lighthouse serves as a sentinel, marking the perilous Stones reef—a hazard to shipping that has claimed countless vessels over the centuries.

The need for a lighthouse was evident, but no plans materialized until the tragic loss of the iron screw steamer SS Nile and its passengers and crew, totaling around 40 lives, in a storm on 30th November 1854.

Adorning Godrevy Island, the lighthouse is a striking white octagonal tower, standing 86 feet (26 m) tall and constructed from rubble stone bedded in mortar. Situated near the island's centre, it originally featured cottages for the keepers. The inaugural light was a revolving white beam that flashed every ten seconds, accompanied by a fixed red light beneath the primary illumination, visible over a perilous 45-degree arc of the treacherous reef.

By honoring the lighthouse's deep-rooted maritime history, its exceptional construction, and its significance to the local community, we felt compelled to pay tribute to its importance. With immense pride, we named our property The Godrevy Lodge.

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